Digital Assets

Great article about what happens to your digital assets when you die, plan ahead for a digital Executor, please read.

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Special Needs Planning April Autism Awareness Month

The seventh annual World Autism Awareness Day is April 2, 2014 and autism is celebrated throughout the month of April.  Every year, autism organizations around the world celebrate this special month with unique fundraising and special awareness-raising events.  How will you celebrate?  Autism affects individuals to different degrees and in unique ways.  No two individuals are the same.

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The Importance of a Will

Statistics indicate that the majority of adult Americans do not have a Will.  While this may be surprising, it is not uncommon.  Reasons range from lack of planning to lack of time, procrastination and sometimes avoidance of end of life discussions in general.   Having a Will can avoid unnecessary anguish for your loved ones and usually unnecessary expense to your estate.   Some other benefits of having a Will:

  • You can designate who will receive your estate rather than your estate being divided per the intestacy laws.
  • You can designate who you want to serve as Executor or Trustee to administer your estate or testamentary trusts.
  • You can name Guardians for your minor or adult special needs children.
  • You can create trusts for your spouse, minor children, adult special needs children or for those family members needing help with money management.
  • You can leave specific bequests to your favorite charitable organizations.
  • You can avoid the necessity of Court intervention.
  • You can minimize taxes with specific planning if you have a taxable estate.

Make your Will preparation or update a priority!

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